Red Trident Access Solution

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RTAS – Red Trident Access Solution

Red Trident’s Access Solution is a series of products brought together to solve automations biggest and most current problems. Red Trident has partnered with leading remote access technology providers to bring a safe and secure product that is simple to install and configure.

Industrial Control System networks are unique environments with challenging requirements. We are the experts in this space, because we have all worked in water/waste water plants, chemical plants, and energy production facilities.

Let our team empower your team with secure, easy to manage remote access solutions for your industrial control system, SCADA, and DCS systems. Whether it’s a viral pandemic, floods, a Gulf hurricane, or you simply need off-site access, Red Trident help solve your problems with simple and secure remote access to keep your systems up and running.


Red Trident has partnered with leading tech companies to provide an affordable, secure, easy to deploy solution for access into IT and Industrial Control System (ICS) networks. Installation and configuration is typically completed in under a day.

RTAS solution also does the following:

  • Eliminates travel time to remote assets
  • Limits employee exposure to dangerous situations
  • Reduces to connectivity and operator log-in time compared to traditional RDP and jump host solutions
  • Simplifies operator’s workflow
  • Set-up and management is painless

Security is baked into every level of the RTAS solution:

  • Active Directory Integration (optional)
  • Multi-Factor Authentication
  • End-to-end Encryption
  • User Segmentation by Policy
  • Reduce your threat vector by eliminating jump hosts or other tools that punch holes through your firewall

The Red Trident solution was created with your unique environments in mind. We understand your challenges, because we have all worked in these types of environments. Our solution is proven to work in IT and ICS/SCADA networks without causing disruptions or downtimes. We are currently servicing clients in water/wastewater treatment, energy production and distribution, and chemical manufacturing facilities.

You need a solution that enhances your capabilities, protects your workers and assets, and allows you to continue providing critical services to our country and economy. With the Red Trident solution, your ICS/SCADA teams can finally gain remote access without compromising the security of the ICS network.

Why use the Red Trident Access Solution? Its safe, secure and can be implemented in under a day.

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