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Today, more than ever before, automation teams are faced with reality that remote access into your ICS system is required. Due to the outbreak of Coronavirus (COVID-19) the automated industry that we have all grown to love is facing a real issue. How do you protect your workforce and limit employee exposure by going remote while still maintaining security of your systems? We can now tell you with confidence that the solution is finally simple. Red Trident has partnered with Dispel bringing you the newest technology for secure, reliable and fast remote access to your ICS networks.

RTAS-Red Trident Access Solution, powered by Dispel, is easy to implement and easier to use. Deployment takes 4-6 hours from start to finish.

The experience is simple; a user logs into the Dispel application and selects the facility they want access to. Connection takes a single step and is under 30 seconds. The user works as usual and disconnects after. All activity is securely recorded for accountability review, and virtual desktops are available on demand.

In the background, the User is reaching their assets through a customer-specific, cascade ciphered, moving target defense network. Connections from the ICS network are outbound-only, requiring no inbound ports to be open. User-specific whitelisting and two-factor authentication are included out-of-the-box.

Finally, your team can keep themselves out of harm’s way without compromising the security of the ICS network. Whether it’s the current viral pandemic, floods or a Gulf hurricane RTAS can give you simple and secure remote access to keep your systems up and running.

RTAS offers those of you with unpredictable remote access needs with plans ranging from multi-year contracts to pay-as-you-need deployments. The solution is designed to flex to your needs, and our combined expertise is committed to keeping your networks and people always secure.

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