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Red Trident Now a Siemens Industrial Strength Networks Partner

Siemens has expanded its Solution Partner Program with a new module “Industrial Strength Networks” which focuses on industrial communication.  Currently, there are only five such Partners in the U.S. and Red Trident Inc. is proud to be one of the five. To be awarded as an Industrial Strength Networks Partner, Red Trident had to demonstrate our expertise with Ethernet Infrastructure products and surpass the competition in RF engineering, designing, programming, implementation, installation and commissioning of industrial wireless solutions.

“With the proliferation of digitalization in the Oil and Gas industry, customers are looking for ways to connect, secure and future-proof their business.  We trust Red Trident to provide a high level of technical expertise and industry know-how,” says Siemens Business Segment Manager of Communication, Identification & Power Supplies, Jeremy Bryant. “Red Trident has applied its creativity time and again with a broad portfolio of solutions to address the most challenging industrial applications. Now as one of the pioneer Solution Partners for Industrial Strength Networks, we can be confident that our customers will continue to receive great domain expertise.”

Red Trident’s RF engineering solutions and services include deploying wireless backhaul networks, conducting full RF spectrum analysis, terrain analysis, signal loss analysis, submitting FCC filings, along with designing and managing point-to-point, point-to-multipoint, static or dynamic mesh networks.  Our employees are FCC licensed with a minimum of 8 years’ experience providing RF engineering solutions.

Red Trident also has extensive technical expertise with the Siemens SCALANCE and RUGGEDCOM product lines and has a team focused on Siemens CROSSBOW. CROSSBOW is a secure access management solution designed to provide NERC CIP compliant access to intelligent electronic devices.

By employing a systems-of-systems engineering approach that incorporates the right people, processes and tools, we are able to create an optimized solution that increases both functionality and performance.

If you’re interested in securing your industrial wireless environment and increasing your operational efficiency, contact us to learn what we can do for your business. Call 832-493-1153.

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