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Cyber Security in Industrial Control Systems: Simple 3 Step Approach

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Red Trident, Inc. has collaborated with Belden to come up with the best method to strengthen cyber security in Industrial Control Systems (ICS). Risks to industrial networks have been on the rise, and it is surprising how many people are unaware of the many vulnerabilities and weaknesses these environments have.

The Role of Cyber Security in Industrial Control Systems

In the typical industrial environment, physical systems (robots, sensors, pumps, actuators, motors, etc) are connected to a specialized computer that actually monitor and control the machinery and devices. Cyber Security attacks against ICS are more common than you might think and is a great threat to our nation’s critical infrastructure.

Red Trident performs ICS Cyber Security Assessments and has a deep understanding of the various tactics used by hackers or malicious insiders including setpoint manipulation, configuration changes, HMI alterations, false readings or other indications. Using their wisdom, along with the latest technology, Red Trident is able to identify the vulnerabilities and gaps using their Methodical Approach in order to come up with a custom plan to get your systems secure.

“During cyber security assessments,” Tony Gore, CEO at Red Trident comments, “We find that there has to be a pivot point the attacker has gained access to. Taking advantage of weak configurations or known and exploitable vulnerabilities is one of the easiest ways to gain access to engineering workstations, HMIs, servers, third parties and other systems. Another is through stolen credentials, jointly shared credentials, or a lack of authentication methods. Once unrestricted access is gained at Level2 devices this becomes the adversary’s pivot point.”

1-2-3 Approach to Strengthening Cyber Security in ICS

Belden, which produces end-to-end signal transmission solutions has built a simple, 3 step approach to industrial cyber security.

Securing ICS Step 1: Secure Industrial Networks

  • Segmentation
  • Zoning and conduits
  • Monitoring and alerts
  • Wireless and remote access
  • Threat containment
  • More information on Securing Industrial Networks

Securing ICS Step 2: Secure Industrial Endpoints

  • Inventory connected assets
  • Identify vulnerable and exploitable endpoints
  • Achieve and maintain secure and authorized configurations
  • Identify unauthorized and malicious change
  • More information on Securing Industrial Endpoints

Securing ICS Step 3: Secure industrial Controllers

  • Detection and visibility into ICS changes and threats
  • Protection for vulnerable & exploitable controllers
  • Assure authorized access and change control for ICS
  • Detect and contain threats
  • More information on Securing Industrial Controllers

For more information about getting a Cyber Security Risk Assessment done on your ICS environment, please contact us at 888.835.7304 or

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