Subscription-based managed ICS security that costs less than a single security engineer

Our Cyber-ECP™ is a product and managed security service that form a holistic security solution that is cost effective, easy to use and deploy in ICS networks.

ICS Security Requirements Are Changing

You need secure remote access

The board is mandating ICS Security

Regulatory requirements are forcing you to implement security

You've been hacked!

Challenges to Securing Your Environment Are Daunting

You don’t have the right people, and can’t afford a security team

Your production processes must not be affected

There are too many technology choices in the market, and you can't afford to pick the wrong one

Time is against you, and a 3-5 year adoption plan isn't tenable

You don't have the budget for security personnel, a bunch of tech, and prolonged risk exposure

You need an ICS Security Solution that is secure, affordable, and managed by experts

Red Trident Cyber-ECP™ Is The Answer

Red Trident Cyber-ECP™ is a technology-enabled managed security service


The Cyber-ECP Value Proposition

Rapidly reduces risk in the OT environment

We assume the risk of securing your entire OT environment

Ease of operations ensures quick cultural acceptance

Provides secure remote access to all operations personnel

The Status Quo


Red Trident Cyber-ECP™

Developed by Operations and Security Pros


Emmett Moore

tom perry red trident director of operations

Tom Perry

Director of Operations
aaron baulch red trident systems engineer

Aaron Baulch

Systems Engineer

Jahidkhan Pathan

Network Engineer

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